Whether you’re starting with an idea, or existing plans, our design team can develop a custom design to fit your needs, or convert your existing architectural plans to take advantage of all the benefits of MGO’s C3 Engineered Wall System.

MGO’s innovative construction solutions are easily implemented across all low-rise building applications. Learn more about how C3 attributes can improve efficiencies and durability in specific building types and uses.

Build faster with the C3 Engineered Wall System and improve your bottom line

In both the United States and Canada, the construction industry is currently facing a shortage of skilled labor, causing a lag in production, and increase in labor costs as companies compete for workers.

Building with MGO’s C3 Engineered Wall System helps address this challenge by providing on-site construction efficiencies resulting in up to 55% faster erecting, and up to 41% labor cost savings compared to 2×4 stick framing.*

*As proven by RS Means, when comparing SIP construction methods to traditional stick & frame construction.

Building with MGO’s C3 Engineered Wall System versus traditional stick frame construction… What are you going to do with all your extra man-hours?
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