The costs of delivering sustainable high-quality healthcare continue to challenge governments and the private sector alike. The challenge is only compounded further by changing demographics, and aging healthcare infrastructure. Building healthier,  sustainable, safer, and more cost-effective facilities is possible with the C3 Engineered Wall System™.

Health and safety…those are two critical characteristics required for healthcare facilities, yet too often construction methods don’t even consider these factors for the finished environment. The C3 Engineered Wall System™ provides superior fire ratings, and is impervious to mold, mildew, and water, with no-off gassing.

Built to higher building standards means facilities exceed outdated codes all while providing cost certainty in the construction process. Reduced construction times and reduced operating costs decrease project uncertainty, and allow organizations to focus funds where it is more important…on service delivery to their patients and clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MgO cement well understood?
Perhaps, surprisingly so. Magnesium-based cements have been in use for hundreds of years — including the construction of the Great Wall of China — and various formulations have been discovered and developed throughout that time. In the last few decades, renewed interest because of its “greener” nature have resulted in a significant generation of research and literature.
What applications do you foresee for MgO cement?
Magnesium Oxide cement is a low-carbon intensity alternative to standard Portland cement, and could potentially lower man-made CO2 generation significantly in most cement-based industries.
What new R&D work have you incorporated into your products?
While most manufacturers of panelized wall systems supply only OSB-faced panels with wood interior studs, we have developed a non-combustible system that begins with the highest quality materials available. The system is then engineered to suit the requirements of each project, with panels pre-cut at the factory according to shop drawings that are specially prepared for each project. We also incorporate a specially designed quality control program to maintain uniformly positive results.
What new developments are you now working on?
To maintain our “trade secrets”, we don’t normally divulge the nature of the research and development projects. We can say, however, that we are developing even better ways to build, especially as it relates to speed, safety, health, sustainability, and economy.
What does your company do?
We provide what we know is the best solution to the need for speed, economy, durability, safety, sustainability, and efficiency in creating buildings. We do that by providing a robust, panelized system that is engineered to the needs of the project for optimal economy and efficiency. While our C3 Engineered Wall System™ might not be the best choice in every project, our system is highly suitable for most types of buildings and occupancies.
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