Attracting like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds, MGO has amassed a team of construction experts, material scientists, certified architects, and engineers — all working together to change the status quo and making buildings stronger, safer, and healthier.

Building with C3 Engineered Wall Systems is faster and more cost-effective than cinder block or steel frame and curtain wall construction, and better built than traditional stick frame construction.

Our multi-faceted team means MGO is a one-stop-shop. Our certified architects and engineers can design and manufacture a C3 solution specific to your needs, versus simply providing materials spec sheets for you to take to an architect yourself.

Not all magnesium oxide board is created equal.

Quality control is the key reason we believe it is imperative to have an internal PhD-level chemist at MgO Systems. Someone who understands the potential quality control issues at a molecular level, is responsible for testing, and accountable for ensuring the board we use in our products is consistently of the highest quality and outperforms other magnesium oxide boards available on the market.

One common concern with imported magnesium oxide boards is elevated levels of chlorine, which causes the deterioration of fastening screws. MGO’s quality assurance process eliminates this inexcusable weak link.

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Engineering Services Disclaimer

MGO Systems Ltd. does not directly offer or supply engineering services. All engineering services are provided through a qualified and legally authorized third-party company and individuals

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